Recently modified projects
  • Photoshop Spiral Burner
    Using Maria Sutryn's code as reference, I intend to make a photoshop script that will take a selection, turn it into a spiral, then duplicate it and use Abigail Bailey's "long exposure image" code to ...
  • More Updated Target Practice
    Pool was indefinitely loading when I last tried to post this. Hopefully more success this time! Updated copy includes Seth Lockman's Spiral staircase script and incorporates both my tower script as w...
  • TowerBuild
    Not sure how this wasn't uploaded previously but this is part of my script that can be used to build a small tower of any size with torches and a door. Allows user to specify height and width.
  • fortium.js
    It is my understanding that an intent is " a paragraph describing your idea for a project" and an approach is "an online document or media file that fleshes out how your project would look or how it m...
  • Random Looking Snake Game
    Using Ben Woodbrey's snake game, I would like to add the CSS randomization created by Bethany Warnock to make it so that every time you play snake, the snake, what it "eats," the arena and the backgro...
Recent requests
  • Illustrator Javascript: Exports Layers as .jpg
    What I would like help with is, how can I combine what I have learned to produce my desired outcome. I would like to script a preset that collects all layers in my Project and automatically sets the stroke to .001 #FF0000 and remove fill. This is so that
  • Snowflake Bokeh Mask
    If anyone has any ideas on how to help me, it would be much appreciated!
  • Catch the enemies HTML5/Javascript Game
    I currently need help getting my array of enemies to pop up at the start.
  • Fortress with Armor
    Especially Adam - what am I doing wrong? I know I didn't declare the script to be a separate function, but as such it should still be a series of commands that the computer follows, once the arguments have been replaced with static variables.
  • Prompt Box in Photoshop
    I still can't quite figure out how to attach the .jsx file so that it prompts a download instead of displays the javascript on the screen. If anyone could share this info with me I'd really appreciate it!
  • Rotation Generator External Code
    Not sure how to get this as just a .jsx download rather than a page that displays the javascript itself. It'd be helpful if someone could help me figure that out.
  • Harvester's Net
    Help with javascript to create: 1. Username Application 2. Password Distribution 3. User Account Recognition 4. (As a Whole) Single Page Layout that reacts with the User Input, and does not require the page to change or refresh for desired information.
  • Using Motion Blur in Photoshop (html)
    please evaluate code
  • SpriteCraft
    I would love to have more sprites to add.
  • Minecraft Underground Fortress
    Thanks to Jon for helping me get the script to execute in the first place, and thanks to Patrick for encouraging me to try using nested while loops for the stairs!

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Distraught over term papers downloaded from the Internet, English departments are budgeting for anti-plagiarism software like Turnitin and Columbia University has restricted its students' downloads to 1 megabyte per week. And the Recording Industry Association of America is slapping thousands of file-sharing undergraduates with million-dollar lawsuits. The lesson for students is clear: sharing information is bad.

The Pool offers a very different message. This online environment is an experiment in sharing art, text, and code--not just sharing digital files themselves, but sharing the process of making them. In place of the single-artist, single-artwork paradigm favored by the overwhelming majority of studio art programs and collection management systems, The Pool stimulates and documents collaboration in a variety of forms, including multi-author, asynchronous, and cross-medium projects.

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Zachary McCune, "Q + A with Jon Ippolito and John Bell on Open Source Art," Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard.

Margaretha Haughwout, "A Reflecting or Refracting Pool?," First Monday. [An intriguing sociological analysis of The Pool.]

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